Miami Vice Performer
Elias Soriano (vocals)
Robb Rivera (drums/percussion)
Ken Macmillan (bass)
Andrew Goldman (guitar/vocals)
Zach Broderick (guitar)

Nonpoint is a rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida whose song "In the Air Tonight" appeared in the Miami Vice film, and is the final song used in the movie.


Nonpoint was formed in 1997. Their first album, Separate Yourself, was released independently in 1998, with their first commercial release, Struggle, following a year later. Their next album, Development, proved to be their most successful, reaching #52 on the Billboard Top 200. Their third commercial album, Recoil, released in 2004, contained a cover version of the Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight". After two more albums, guitarist Andrew Coleman left the band and was replaced by Zach Broderick. This lineup has since released Miracle in 2010 and continues to record and tour today.

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