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Nico Arroyo


Son of General Octavio Arroyo
Rapist of Odette Ribaud
Deceased, shot dead by Gina Calabrese while in her apartment
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Nico Arroyo is the son of former Bolivian General Octavio Arroyo. Arroyo is a playboy and a narcissist, feeling he can have any woman he wants, anytime, anywhere. He allegedly raped another maid, Nelly Guerrero, and did rape another former Arroyo maid, Odette Ribaud, in her friend Gina Calabrese's apartment. Arroyo tried to flee the scene in his Lamborghini, but is caught by James "Sonny" Crockett, who arrests him on suspicion of rape (and fleeing arrest plus reckless driving), but is released, later the elder Arroyo pays off Odette's mother $10,000 to have Odette drop the rape charge, after she does, Arroyo visits her again, telling her he "owns" Odette because of the payoff. After Odette commits suicide, Arroyo turns his eye to Gina, who resists him, later Arroyo visits Gina's apartment, armed with a knife and intending to rape her, but Gina shoots Arroyo dead before he can follow through.