Nick Pappas

Nick Pappas
FBI Special Agent
Played By

Special Agent Nick Pappas was an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation who was assigned to recover a consignment of Stinger missiles being illegally sold by Tony Amato.


When former National Guardsmen Gentile and Ramone stole several Stinger missiles, Pappas and Agent McIntyre were assigned to recover the weapons. They soon traced the missiles to Tony Amato, learning that OCB were running their own investigation into the arms dealer. After unsuccessfully trying to have the OCB operation shut down, Pappas insisted McIntyre join their surveillance detail.

As the operation progressed, Pappas advocated moving in as quickly as possible to recover the Stingers, but was repeatedly talked down by Castillo and his officers, who wanted to wait until their case against Amato was secure. Eventually, despite Pappas and his men jumping the gun during the final bust, Amato was arrested and taken to court. However, he was released on the courthouse steps by another group of agents (seemingly from the CIA) who explained that they needed Amato to help them discreetly supply various factions in Latin America with arms. Pappas admitted that he had found out himself that Amato was protected some time before, and was powerless to stop Amato's release. Moments later Amato was shot dead by his wife Rita right in front of Pappas.

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