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Nguyen Van Trahn


Inspector, South Vietnam Police
Deceased, killed in the 1968 Tet Offensive, identity assumed by North Vietnamese Intelligence Officer, now a colonel in the Unified Vietnamese Army
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Nguyen Van Tranh (1930-1968) was an Inspector with the South Vietnamese police who worked closely with then-DEA agent Martin "Marty" Castillo, there to stop drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle. Tranh, unknown to Castillo, was killed in the 1968 Tet Offensive, and his identity was assumed by an unnamed North Vietnamese intelligence officer, who joined

Trahn's file showing his death in 1968

Castillo in investigating the murders of six South Vietnamese prostitutes in 1972, a crime that was never solved. In 1987, "Tranh" resurfaced in Miami after another prostitute killing spree began, and reunited with Castillo to help solve the murders, which after joint investigation found to be in numerous locations worldwide, always followed by an assassination of a Communist or suspected Communist national. They found the killer was The Savage, a former CIA operative turned assassin by his handler, Jack Colman, and was in Miami to kill Juan Espinosa, a person of national interest (and a suspected Communist by certain groups). Castillo and "Trahn" successfully thwart the assassination, and "Trahn" killed The Savage after he stabbed Castillo, then "Trahn" killed Colman with a knife before leaving as secretly as he arrived, leaving a note for Castillo about his real identity, what happened to the real Trahn, how he assumed Trahn's identity, that he appreciated Castillo's help in eliminating The Savage and his handler, and that both countries would benefit if they would stop creating and nurturing assassins like The Savage. He also prayed for a better world where he and Castillo would be friends.

  • Note: Birth and Death years taken from Trahn's file, showing he was 38 at time of his death in 1968.