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Escaped prosecution due to reassignment of Vice team
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Neptune was a pimp who ran high-priced call girls from The Mansion nightclub to only very wealthy clients. The Vice team was at the club, with Switek posing as an interested client, when they discovered their informant Alonzo Stevens, currently working with the FBI, was involved in a case that was falling apart in a big way. Knowing agents' lives were at stake, the team abandoned the operation at The Mansion, agreeing that busting Neptune would have to wait.

Director's Cut

Neptune is on of the characters that has the most added material in Michael Mann's Director's Cut of the movie. In this version of the film we see Crockett and Tubbs posing as a powerboat racing team run by Switek prior to the surveillance at The Mansion. After taking part in a race around Miami's waterways, in which they finish a close second, Switek meets with Neptune, who is there to watch the race, and arranges their deal for later that night at the club (the scene that starts the theatrical version).