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Nelson Oramas
Miami Vice Characters
Bomb Squad Specialist Sam ("Smuggler's Blues")
Bomb Squad Specialist ("Sons and Lovers")
Victor Escalante ("Over the Line")

Nelson Oramas made his acting debut in the show Miami Vice as Bomb Squad Specialist Sam, who disarmed the explosive device tied to Trudy in the episode "Smuggler's Blues", as an unnamed Bomb Squad member (possibly Sam but not identified on camera) present when Orlando Calderone planned to blow up his sister Angelina Madeira in the episode "Sons and Lovers", and Victor Escalante, who made a deal with drug dealer Hawkins for arms in the episode "Over the Line". Oramas also co-wrote (with Daniel Sackheim) the fourth season finale "Mirror Image".

Oramas is a former police officer, as he was used as a police technical advisor in the movies Off and Running (with Cyndi Lauper, David Thornton, Jose Perez, Richard Belzer, and Anita Morris), Chains of Gold (with Will Knickerbocker and John Archie), Bad Boys (with Will Knickerbocker and Marc Macaulay), Wild Things (also his most recent film appearance), and the Miami Vice movie.

His acting credits include the movies Band of the Hand (directed by Paul Michael Glaser, with Michael Carmine, Al Shannon, Paul Calderon, Laurence Fishburne, and James Remar), Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, Let It Ride (with David Johansen and Richard Edson), and his most recent TV appearance, an episode of Wiseguy.