Natasha Shneider

Natasha Detente
Miami Vice Character
Laura Gretzky ("Bushido")
May 22, 1956, Moscow, Russia
July 2, 2008, Los Angeles, California (Age 52, cancer)
Alain Johannes (? - 2008, her death)

Natasha Shneider (May 22, 1956 - July 2, 2008) was a Russian actress and singer, also known by Natasha Détente, who appeared in the show Miami Vice as Laura Gretzky, former KGB agent married to CIA agent Jack Gretzky (played by Dean Stockwell) and mother of Marty Gretzky in the episode "Bushido".


Shneider was born in Moscow, Russia. She had a limited acting career with appearances in Hill Street Blues, 2010 (with Bob Balaban) and Spiker, all under her real name - her Vice appearance is the only time she used Natasha Detente. She formed the band Eleven with her future husband Alain Johannes and Jack Irons, formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers. They recorded five albums before Shneider and Johannes joined Queens of the Stone Age, whom they were with until Shneider's death. Shneider performed the song "Who's in Control" for the movie Catwoman and her song "Time for Miracles" (co-written with Johannes) was used in the film 2012 and sung by Adam Lambert.

Personal Life/Death

Shneider was married to bandmate Alain Johannes until her death on July 2, 2008 after a battle with cancer at the age of 52. After her death, Queens of the Stone Age (along with several other prominent musicians) performed a benefit concert in Los Angeles to help defray her medical expenses.

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