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Nancy Valen


Miami Vice Character
"Got A Light" Girl ("Rites of Passage")
Lana ("The Home Invaders")
December 16, 1965, Hallandale, Florida
Nels Van Patten (1994-present)

Nancy Valen (born December 16, 1965) is an American actress and producer, who made her acting debut as an unnamed girl who asks Crockett if he "wants a light" in the episode "Rites of Passage", and Lana, one of two prostitutes (along with Sha-Sha) who were roughed up by Pete Romano in the Miami Vice episode "The Home Invaders"9


Valen was born in Hallandale, Florida. When she attended Broward Community College in 1985 she appeared in Vice to help put her through school. She made her film debut in the movie Porky's Revenge (with Ilse Earl, Mal Jones, and Donna Rosea), followed by roles in The Heavenly Kid (with Rosea, Will Knickerbocker, Mark Metcalf, and Harold Bergman), Final Embrace (with Justin Lazard), The Flunky (with Dean Stockwell), and her most recent film role, in 2007's The Wager.

Her TV career continued after Vice with roles in Ryan's Hope, Saved by the Bell, The Young Riders, Walker: Texas Ranger (with Ely Pouget), Friends, Baywatch (22 episodes from 1996-97), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (with Paul Guilfoyle), and her most recent film role, in Spin City. She also co-founded Windmill Entertainment, which produced for the TV Land network the series Chasing Farrah and Let's Kill Scott Baio.

Personal Life

Valen married Nels Van Patten, son of actor Dick Van Patten and brother of actor/poker host Vince Van Patten in 1994, they have no children.