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|Box title = Muriel Goldman
|Box title = Muriel Goldman

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Muriel Goldman


Hair Emporium Customer
Episode Appeared In
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Mrs. Abraham Goldman a.k.a. Muriel Goldman (born 1932) is a customer at Hair Emporium that home invader Pete Romano was making copies of her car keys and writing down information for a home invasion. James "Sonny" Crockett and Martin "Marty" Castillo follow Goldman out of the hair salon and let her know she could be the victim of the next home invasion, and set a trap for the invaders. But after no one shows, Crockett finds out it was Goldman's daughter whose car was tracked and the invaders were at her house. Crockett and Castillo arrive while the invasion was in progress, shot down all the criminals and saved Mrs. Goldman's daughter, then Muriel and the cops celebrate at a cafe.