Mr. Mister


Miami Vice Performer
Richard Page (vocals/bass)
Steve George (keyboards)
Pat Mastelotto (drums)
Steve Farris (guitar)

Mr. Mister was an American pop band whose songs "Kyrie" (in "One Way Ticket") and "Stand and Deliver" (in "Vote of Confidence") were featured in the series Miami Vice.


Mr. Mister was formed around 1980 from the band Pages (featuring Richard Page and Steve George). As the Pages, Page and George performed backing vocals on albums by Laura Branigan and the Village People. The Pages added Pat Mastelotto and Steve Farris to form Mr. Mister. Their first album, I Wear The Face, was released in 1984 and did not do well. During this time Page was offered the lead vocal in the groups Toto (replacing Bobby Kimball) and Chicago (replacing Peter Cetera) but turned both down. 1985's Welcome to the Real World launched Mr. Mister's brief but spectacular chart run. The album featured three Billboard Top 10 singles ("Broken Wings" (#1), "Kyrie" (#1), and "Is It Love" (#8)). The band appeared at the first MTV Spring Break show in 1986, received several Grammy nominations, and went on tour with Don Henley, The Bangles, Tina Turner, and other 1980s icons. Their third album, Go On..., did not do well professionally, but did feature a song used in Edward James Olmos' movie Stand and Deliver. Their final album, Pull was scheduled for release in 1989, but by then Farris left the band and the album was completed primarily with session musicians. Their record label dropped them before the album was released and the band broke up before it could be released, finally Pull was remastered and released in 2010, 20 years after the album was recorded. After their breakup. Page continued to perform solo and write songs, George worked with Kenny Loggins and Jewel, Farris collaborated with Rod Stewart, Whitesnake, and Tori Amos, and Mastelotto joined King Crimson.

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