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This article is about the Doctor at the VA during The Savage case. For the panther, see Morris (Panther).
Dr. Morris


Head Psychiatrist, Miami Veteran's Hospital
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Dr. Morris is the head psychiatrist of the Miami Veteran's Hospital, which houses a number of Vietnam veterans who are having trouble dealing with life "back in the world". As part of the investigation into the Miami hooker killings, Metro-Dade Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett, himself a Vietnam Vet, and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs request to interview the patients to get a lead on similar killings in-country. Dr. Morris is not cooperative and demands a court order before he will allow any interviews. Crockett is understandably reluctant to go that route but is compelled to by Martin "Marty" Castillo, when the court order was obtained, Dr. Morris insisted all interviews be conducted in his presence and after several unsuccessful interviews, finally finds a patient named Mike who knew about the man known as The Savage.