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Drug Dealer
Deceased, killed in car bomb along with Silvio
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Morales was a drug dealer, who worked as a distributor for the dealer Heriberto Mérida, whose niece, Isabel Batista, ran a call-girl operation as well as Morales' dealings. In 1983, the U.S. Customs Agent Frank Arriola had Morales busted for drug dealing, but got away on a technicality, in 1986 Morales and Batista devised a plan to stop the Customs issues Morales was having with drugs by framing Arriola's brother Tico for the "murder" of call girl Jan Larken and blackmailing the customs agent by forcing him to provide Morales and Batista with the customs codes, or else they take the videotapes and photographs of the murder to the police. Morales was told by Arriola that the two high roller dealers, Sonny Burnett and Rico Cooper are Miami Vice, but Batista wants Morales to go through with the deal and kill the cops, regardless of the heat it would cause, as she is calling the shots. Morales and his middleman Silvio were waiting in a car to finalize the deal when a car bomb goes off, nearly engulfing Crockett and Tubbs, and killing Morales and Silvio in the explosion.