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Montoya Cartel


Appeared In
Cocaine production and distribution

smuggling contrabands

Base of operations
Paraguay, Haiti, Columbia

The Montoya Cartel is a transinational criminal drug syndicate based out of Paraguay.


The cartel primarily dealt with the production and sale of cocaine, but the organisation also smuggled heroin, ecstasy, arms all around the world. Also it smuggled pirated software from China to Brazil.

The cartel operates in a veil of secrecy and hiding their criminal profit in a very complex money laudering network run by Isbella. The day-to-day operation in the cartel run by José Yero but the true leader of the cartel is Arcángel de Jesús Montoya. Given the reclusive nature of the cartel's leader, Yero was often mistaken for the head of the organisation by outsiders. The cartel is connected to various multinational corporations, law enforcement agencies, Governments, and Military .

By nature the cartel can be brutal when someone betrays them even killing entire families of those who worked against them such fate as Alonzo or the Russian undercover agents received. The cartel is famously known to give freelance jobs to other criminal gangs such as Haitians, Columbian A.U.C, Aryan Brotherhood to carry out criminal activities, trafficking, enforcing etc.