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Montana Stone


South Beach Special Ops Detective Sergeant
Deceased, shot dead by Colon
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Montana Stone was a Sergeant with the South Beach Special Operations Squad (SOS), assigned to cut down drug traffic on the Miami River. As part of her undercover assignment, Stone lives on a riverbank with a group of homeless people, dressing and living as they do. Stone was also part of an operation ran by fellow SOS member Colon, who worked with three other detectives and ran raids of drug deals, kill the dealers and steal the money, drugs, and bling, which was divided up among the four of them (as Stone was the lookout), with Stone putting her take into a trust fund she planned to use to help the homeless. Stone was eventually found and busted by Metro-Dade Vice Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, who used her to infiltrate the gang, but Tubbs' cover was blown and a shoot-out ensued. The rogue SOS cops were killed or arrested, Stone was shot in the exchange and died in Tubbs' arms. As per her request before agreeing to help Tubbs, Stone's trust fund was used to open "Montana's Soup Kitchen" to feed the homeless at the riverbank she lived at for about two months.