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Milton Glantz is a pornographic movie director, winning the 11th Continental Erotic Film Festival's Best Picture award. Glantz was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts, attended the Rhode Island School of Design, directed other movies before going into porn, or what he called "Erotic Performance Art". He was also a painter, Miami's mayor having six of his paintings, including The Giant Contact Lens. In 1987 his porn movie Death and the Lady won Best Picture honors at the 11th Continental Erotic Film Festival, but Glantz's award was tarnished when a crew member, Tulane Knox, hurled accusations that the climactic scene, that of a blonde woman's face frozen on the screen, appearing to be dead, was a real snuff film and that Glantz was responsible for the girl's death. Investigation by Vice Detective James "Sonny" Crockett determined the girl in the movie was Amy Ryder, a local art school student. Her sister, Jill Ryder, told Crockett at first that Amy was out, but later confessed that Glantz paid money to her and their father for Amy to appear in the movie, that Amy had terminal cancer, the money was used for their father's medical bills, and her body was found eleven days after the movie was finished, turning up on the unidentified DB list. Glantz did not explicitly admit to killing Amy, but felt that violence, used in his films, walked the fine line between reality and fiction, and that the public had a large appetite for such violence. Crockett, upon hearing this and haunted by images of Amy's dead eyes, snaps and violently slaps Glantz around, asking him how chic and artistic real violence is before leaving Glantz's home.