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Theatrical Performer
Unknown after leaving hospital in 1987
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Mikey is a theatrical performer, at the height of his career was making $20,000 per month performing and reciting his poetry. But Mikey has a long history of arrests, including for drugs. He was busted three times in two years by James "Sonny" Crockett, after his first bust Mikey wrote Crockett a thank you note and gave him tickets to a play he wrote, The Jolt, about going cold turkey from drugs in jail. He later opened a theatre, Mi Vida Loca, for ex-cons like him to escape from reality and express themselves in the theater. Mikey has an agent, Marty Glickburg, who was working on an auto-biography, but is having trouble encouraging Mikey to work on it, despite already spending the advance from the publisher. But he and Conejo, another performer, stole $20,000 and a briefcase from a drug dealer, Don Gallego, and is being hunted by the dealer and his goons. They eventually find Mikey, who gives Gallego back his briefcase but has the paper inside (probably drug distribution schedules, dealer lists, etc.) and plans to sell it, but Gallego stops Mikey, shows him Conejo's dead body, stabs Mikey and leaves him for dead in the river. Mikey is later found by Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, barely alive, and is taken to the hospital. Thought to be dying, Mikey asks to hold some money before he dies, and Tubbs gives him a wad of $100 bills, but in reality Mikey is not dying, and before Crockett and Tubbs figure out what he did, Mikey left the hospital with some drugs and Tubbs' money for parts unknown.