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Miguel Revilla


Member of Revilla Drug Cartel
Deceased, killed by Valerie Gordon and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Episode Appeared In
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Miguel Revilla (1956-1985) was a member of the Revilla drug cartel and the brother of Esteban Revilla, he was present at the shootout in the everglades between his cartel and a combined force of Metro-Dade Vice and the DEA. Later he (along with some hitmen) shot down all the DEA members involved in the shootout and badly wounded Gina Calabrese, then fled to New York, where he worked with his brother to ensure no one, not even Jimmy Borges, James "Sonny" Crockett, and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs could get a foot into their market. But when Crockett and Tubbs successfully steal the Revillas' drug shipment and blow up their warehouse, Miguel and Esteban Revilla agree to deal with the Vice cops, but it was a set-up and a shootout began. Miguel Revilla was shot and killed by Tubbs and NYPD Detective Valerie Gordon.