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Miguel Manolo


Head of Manolo drug cartel
Deceased, assassinated by Cliff King on orders from Oscar Carrera
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Miguel Manolo was the head of the Manolo drug cartel. Originally brought up in rough surroundings (with his brother, Ernesto (a.k.a. El Gato), another drug empire leader), resorting to cockfighting to survive, Manolo built his empire into one of Miami's largest. In 1988, he and Alejandro Gutierrez were about to form a cooperative to pool their resources, but Manolo had a plan to squeeze Gutierrez out after the merger, which Sonny Burnett heard about and was going to reveal...for a price, when Gutierrez set off a bomb on the boat with the parties, including Burnett, which exploded, and Burnett was injured with amnesia. After recovering, Burnett joined Manolo's cartel as enforcer, killing rival dealers (including Gutierrez) and working up to being close with Manolo when a dirty cop; Fort Lauderdale Detective James Hagovitch blew Burnett's cover as James "Sonny" Crockett, a Metro-Dade Vice Detective. Manolo orders Burnett killed, but instead Hagovitch was killed by Burnett, who fled. Six months after Burnett left, Manolo was assassinated by Cliff King on the orders of Oscar Carrera, patriarch of the Carrera drug cartel, which began a war against El Gato, Manolo's brother.