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Miguel Carrera


Son of drug lord Oscar Carrera
Deceased, shot dead by hitman hired by El Gato
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Miguel Carrera was the son of Oscar Carrera, head of the Carrera drug cartel based out of Miami. College-educated, Miguel used his smarts to attempt to upgrade the cartel's operations, suggesting using more advanced transportation (faster boats/planes) to move the product without fear of interdiction by the DEA or pirating. Oscar, however, still went by the old rules, and was resistant to any change suggested by Miguel, which caused conflicts between father and son, easily exploited by Sonny Burnett, recently brought on as head of security, who planned to take over the Carrera cartel by turning son against father. Miguel also coveted his stepmother, Celeste, and frequently got together, which ignited jealousy in his father, and their fighting escalated to the point where Miguel drew a gun on his father and fired, killing him. Miguel immediately went into a cycle of grief and anger at Celeste, feeling she was responsible, and began drinking and using drugs heavily. Miguel also thought he could trust Burnett, but after seeing his friend take his former stepmother and make love to her, Miguel tried to kill both Burnett and Celeste in a fit of jealous anger, but a hitman hired by El Gato, the Carreras' rival, fired from the trees outside the Carrera home, killing Miguel.