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Stan Switek


Played By
Domenick Lombardozzi
Marital Status
Detective, Metro-Dade Organized Crime Bureau-Vice Division

Stan Switek (played by Domenick Lombardozzi) is a Detective of the Miami-Dade Police Department and an undercover detective in the Organized Crime Bureau - Vice Division in the movie remake of the Miami Vice television series. Switek is tough and fearless, and his imposing physique definitely lends him an edge when operating undercover. He also displays a willingness to put his own life at risk in order to protect others.

Career In Vice

Switek was the team's lead agent in their investigation into Neptune's prostitution ring, acting undercover as an interested client. While he successfully hired two girls from the pimp, Neptune refused to accept payment until after they had done their business as a show of good faith, thereby postponing his arrest. Further misfortune befell the Vice team, as their operation was cut short by far more serious events involving one of their snitches, Alonzo Stevens. Later, Switek accompanied Crockett and Tubbs to Haiti for their preliminary meeting with José Yero, providing security along with Zito. He was subsequently involved in running contraband for Yero and Arcángel de Jesús Montoya. When Trudy was kidnapped by the Aryan Brotherhood working for Yero, Switek and Zito attempted to delay the delivery of the shipment they were bringing in while the rest of the team launched a desperate rescue operation. Switek was also present at the final exchange between the Vice team and Yero and his men, trading places with Isabella, ostensibly to check Yero's money but in reality putting his life on the line in order to get Isabella clear of harm. Fortunately, he survived the confrontation unscathed.

Director's Cut

Extra footage of Switek is added in Michael Mann's Director's Cut of the movie. The additional scenes appear at the beginning of the film, directly after the opening credits/boat race sequence, where Switek meets with Neptune beside the bay and sets up their meeting at The Mansion for later that evening.


Switek uses an FN Tactical Police pump-action shotgun during the gunfight with Yero and his men.

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