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Michael Owens
Miami Vice Characters
Security Guard ("Sons and Lovers")
Deacon ("Amen... Send Money")
Intern ("Mirror Image")
Lawyer ("Line of Fire")

Michael George Owens made his acting debut as a security guard at Miami's DEA headquarters (wanting Crockett to bring him a Danish) in the episode "Sons and Lovers", an FBI Agent in "Down for the Count (Part II)" (uncredited), the Deacon for evangalist Mason Mather in the episode "Amen... Send Money", as an intern who tells Crockett he is really Sonny Burnett in the episode "Mirror Image", and a lawyer defending Carlos Cantero in the episode "Line of Fire" in the series Miami Vice. His other appearances were in the series' Swamp Thing, Super Force, and Key West, as well as the movie Traces of Red (with William Russ and Mario Ernesto Sanchez).