Michael Duggan
Miami Vice Writer
Miami Vice Producer

Michael Duggan wrote the episodes "Better Living Through Chemistry" (teleplay), "Baby Blues", "Lend Me an Ear", "Knock, Knock... Who's There?", "Viking Bikers from Hell", "The Big Thaw" (under the pseudonym Joseph DeBlasi), "Indian Wars" (teleplay), "Hell Hath No Fury..." (teleplay), "Badge of Dishonor" (teleplay), and "Deliver Us from Evil" (teleplay), produced the final three episodes ("A Bullet for Crockett", "Deliver Us from Evil", and "Mirror Image"), and served as story editor for the third and fourth seasons of the series Miami Vice.

Duggan is also a long-time writer and producer of the Law and Order TV series, and served as producer/executive producer of the series' Earth 2, Secret Agent Man, and Millenium.

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