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Tubbs arriving in Miami

"Brother's Keeper" is the pilot episode for Miami Vice, which first aired in September of 1984. Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, a New York cop, has followed drug lord Esteban Calderone to Miami in order to avenge the death of his brother. Once there, he finds himself teaming up with undercover cop James "Sonny" Crockett and his co-workers at the Metro-Dade Organized Crime Bureau, who also want the elusive Columbian drug kingpin for his role in the death of one of their officers. Starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, featuring the famous "In the Air Tonight" driving scene and set to a soundtrack featuring Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, The Rolling Stones and Jan Hammer, "Brother's Keeper" quickly set the tone for the rest of the series and remains one of the most influential pieces of television ever filmed.

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Miami Vice In The Air Tonight Scene Good Quality

The famous "In the Air Tonight" scene from the pilot episode "Brother's Keeper", featuring a night-time drive in Crockett's Ferrari Daytona Spyder set to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight", is not only considered one of the best moments in the series, but one of the greatest ever moments on television. It affirmed the effectiveness of music-based scenes and provided inspiration for other sequences like it in future episodes of the show and elsewhere.

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The cast of Miami Vice

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