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Cover of "Miami Vice: The Collector's Edition"

Miami Vice: The Collectors Edition was a series of ten videocassettes released in the VHS format by Columbia House in July, 1997.


Columbia House specialized in limited releases of TV videos and also selling music in a "club format" (meaning a required number of purchases had to be made in exchange for receiving low-priced music, ex. buying 10 cassettes for 99c in exchange for buying 6-8 more over a 12 month period at "regular club prices", usually $9.95-$10.95 each).

The "Collectors Edition" were released one tape at a time, the initial price was $4.95 plus shipping/handling (S&H), and were purchased either by calling a toll-free number or mailing a check with the appropriate funds to an pre-specified mailing address. Future episodes could be had for $19.95 each plus S&H, and each tape had two episodes in complete length (exceptions were the two part episodes "Golden Triangle", "Down for the Count", and "Calderone's Return", the pilot "Brother's Keeper", and the second season opener "The Prodigal Son".

Catalog of Tapes

The tape releases include:

†The release of "Lombard" but not "One Eyed Jack" seems perhaps a strange choice, as dialogue in "Lombard" specifically references characters and events seen in "One Eyed Jack".

Music Replacements

Some of the music used in the series was replaced on the Columbia House VHS releases, likely due to clearance issues (similar problems were encountered with the DVD releases, although in that instance Universal paid significant sums of money to secure the rights for all the music on the show). In several cases, songs from other points in the series were used as substitutes for music that could not be cleared. Some of those replacements include:

There may have been other replacements but those are unknown currently.