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Bolivian Drug Dealer
Deceased, killed in gunfight with Jake Pierson
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Mendez was a drug dealer from Bolivia working in Miami with middlemen such as Rickles to arrange large drug deals (some in excess of 50 kilos). In 1986 a DEA agent from San Antonio, Texas named Vince Wilson had a line on Mendez and used his 18-wheeler semi truck to haul drugs, but was made for a cop and killed by Mendez's goons. Two months later, Mendez was making a deal with Metro-Dade Vice cops James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs through Rickles, but was spooked by a guard that happened onto the deal, and the guard was shot down while trying to flee. Mendez had his drugs (two kilos) inside a green reptile-style briefcase, and was dropped at the museum the meet was set for, later recovered by a retired Texas Ranger named Jake Pierson, who demanded to meet Mendez face-to-face and to be paid a "finder's fee" of $10,000 for the case's return. Mendez (who once killed someone for scratching his car and, according to Crockett, doesn't even know how to spell "mess around") orders Pierson, Burnett and Cooper killed for NO finder's fee and his case recovered. After that fails, Mendez arranges to meet at a cemetery with Pierson and Crockett for the return of the case. At the cemetery, a shootout broke out, Mendez was shot dead, but not before firing a wild shot that hit Pierson in the chest, killing him as well.