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Matt Ferguson


College Basketball Player
Son of Judge Roger Ferguson
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Matt Ferguson is a college basketball player for the Miami Sunblazers, and the son of Judge (and former star basketball player) Roger Ferguson. In 1986, the Sunblazers were en route to the college playoffs when his father approached him to throw the playoff game so he can make good on gambling debts the judge owed to the racketeer Pagone. At first, Matt rejects his father's request outright, then reconsiders after thinking of how it was the judge that allowed him the opportunity to be playing at his level and the playoff chance, and at first wanted to sit the game out, but then decided to play after his father couldn't get Pagone to buy his plan. But before the game started, the judge called Matt and told him "everything's taken care of" and to play his best, what Matt never knew was that his father shot Pagone dead and took his own life rather than let his son do something that he could not live with.