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Mason Mather


Deceased, Electrocuted climbing up a transmission tower in his nightgown
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Mason Mather was a tele-evangelist who was a former partner to the Rev. Bill Bob Proverb until Proverb found the power of satellite television, and seized the opportunity when Mather did not, and Proverb's IGG (In God's Glory) ministry grew popular and larger while Mather's did not, and became jealous of Proverb's popularity, despite saying they compete "in the Earthly sense". To bring down Proverb and IGG, Mather sent one of Proverb's "Wayward Angels", Faye Nell Portis, to set up Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs (who arrested Proverb's wife Leona) on a bogus rape charge to bring the police's wrath on Proverb, then used a mutual employee, engineer Carl Becker, to adjust the wiring on Proverb's satellite so that he can go on his TV show and announce Proverb's studio would be destroyed by lightning, which it was when his dish was struck. After Mather's appearance, he fainted on live TV, then went into a coma (strategically used by Mather whenever he tried to bring in more money/viewers). Mather later came out of his coma, left the hospital in a nightgown, and climbed up a transmission tower saying he was being called to God's bosom. While up on the tower, someone keyed a mic inside the building and the resulting electrical charge killed Mather.