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Mary McDermott


Girlfriend of and middleman for Mark Jorgenson, Sr.
Deceased, killed on order of Mark Jorgenson, Sr.
Played By

Mary McDermott (1953-1984) was the girlfriend of businessman Mark Jorgenson, Sr., also serving as middleman in his dealings with illegal drugs.

When she was arrested in an Organized Crime Bureau sting, Jorgenson had her killed to ensure she did not reveal his involvement.


Despite not being his biological mother, Mary was close to Mark Jorgenson, Sr.'s son Mark, Jr., who otherwise had a fractious relationship with his father. Unknown to Mark, Jr., Mary served as middleman in his father's drug dealing, running his deals so that he himself was distanced from any illegal activity. However, when the Vice squad located Mark, Sr.'s stash, Mary was busted trying to arrange a sale to some out-of-town buyers. Following her arrest, Mary refused to talk or otherwise confirm Mark, Sr.'s involvement, and she was soon bailed by her partner. However, unwilling to take the risk that she might yet talk, Mark, Sr. had his limo driver, Jimmy, kidnap and kill her; Jimmy dumper her body under a freeway bridge, making her death look like a suicide.


  • The precise circumstances of Mary's death are never revealed. While it is strongly implied Jimmy murdered her, given the fiercely loyal and understanding attitude she displays towards Mark, Sr.'s position following her arrest, it is not inconceivable that she willingly took her own life (albeit at Jimmy's insistence) in order to protect him -- this latter scenario would also fit with the coroner's verdict that her death was a suicide.