Marvin Goodman

Marvin Goodman
Deceased, killed by Stan Switek in self defense
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Marvin Goodman is a mobster, a member of the Capiletti crime family, and was heavy into handling loan sharking and gambling, keeping a detailed book of his debtors. In 1989 Goodman wanted to merge with another gambling heavy, Chi-Chi, making him an "offer he can't refuse", but Chi-Chi did refuse, and he paid for that decision first by losing his operation when Goodman tipped the police to his rolling gambling den, then with his life as Goodman's muscle killed him, and took over his accounts, including that of football player Kevin Mulhern (aided by Goodman's relationship with Kevin's agent Jerome Horowitz) and Detective Stan Switek (who owed a combined total of $350,000 to Chi-Chi, then to Goodman), and Goodman sent his muscle to collect from both, demanding that Mulhern throw his playoff game or Kevin, his father Mac, Switek's girlfriend Holly, and Switek will all be killed, and as insurance Goodman arranged for Mac to be kidnapped and held at Chi-Chi's old location until Kevin followed through. Switek found Mac's location through Horowitz before he died, and Vice raided Chi-Chi's, freeing Mac and Switek killed Goodman when he went for a gun, and also killed several of his men. Later Switek's partner, James "Sonny" Crockett, took Goodman's gambling book and gave it to his partner and urged him to get assistance, with his friends backing him.

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