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Martillo Borrasca


Head of counter-revolutionary group
Deceased, shot dead by unidentified sniper
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Martillo Borrasca was the head of a counter-revolutionary group in his native country--small in numbers, but fearless in anything, including death. In 1988 his group captured a Colombian ship loaded with cocaine and planned to sell it in Miami, using Lucia Meron as a go-between. Borrasca was being helped by a freelance intelligence operative, Edward Reese, who was using his influence (especially with his old adversary, Martin "Marty" Castillo), to prevent Metro-Dade OCB from stopping Borrasca, and Reese used any means necessary, including killing Ramos, Borrasca's bodyguard, to keep the operation going. Borrasca later gave up the boat and his men, but Reese wanted Borrasca alive (for reasons unknown, but possibly due to some unspecified American interests) and swept him to his helicopter. At that moment a laser pointer appears over Borrasca's heart and a single shot rings out.


  • Borrasca's killer is never definitively identified, although it is heavily implied to be Castillo, based largely on his statements that he knew what had happened and that he "has a code to live by".