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Mark McCracken
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Mark McCracken made his film debut as Asch, one of the stagehands on the set of Death and the Lady in the episode "Death and the Lady", as an unnamed Federal agent visiting mobster Frank Mosca in the episode "Blood & Roses", and Mason, a convict with a vendetta against Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, and a prisoner of Jake Manning in the episode "The Cell Within" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected Filmography

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1989 B.L. Stryker (TV Series) Ismael "East" Carlo
Antoni Corone
1993 Matinee First movie appearance Lucinda Jenney
2002 We Were Soldiers Jsu Garcia
2008 Fear Itself (TV Series)
2009 Where The Wild Things Are
2017 Super Hero Shrink
2018 New Girl (TV series)