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Mark Jorgenson, Sr.


Stock market trader
Incarcerated for murder of Mary McDermott
Played By

Mark Jorgenson, Sr. (born 1934) was a wealthy businessman and stock market trader who was also involved in money laundering, insider trading and drug dealing. However, his considerable wealth, combined with his careful use of his girlfriend Mary McDermott as a middleman in much of his illegal dealings, ensured he was able to avoid prosecution.

Mary was eventually caught by the Metro-Dade Police Department, and Jorgenson had her killed to ensure her silence. This ultimately led to his arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.


Early life

Mark, Sr. was a widower but had begun a new relationship since his wife's death with Mary McDermott (a much younger woman). He also had a fractious relationship with his son Mark, Jr., whom he considered too "weak" to be a true Jorgenson man. Mark, Jr. in turn felt that his father was more interested in his business affairs than him, and as a result was a frequent drug user.

Mark, Sr. had long been suspected of financial irregularities, including money laundering and insider trading, and had been investigated by numerous financial authorities, including the IRS, the FTC, the SEC and even the Swiss Bank Authority. However, in each instance Jorgenson used his considerable wealth and influence to have the cases against him thrown out, even succeeding in suing the SEC for harassment.

Drug dealing and murder

As well as his illegal financial practices, Mark, Sr. was also involved in the illegal drug trade. In order to distance himself from any wrongdoing, all of his deals were run by his partner, Mary McDermott. However, when Jorgenson's stash was located by Tubbs, the Vice team set up a stakeout on the warehouse where it was hidden, eventually busting Mary when she tried to sell the contraband to a group of out-of-town buyers. Fearing that his partner may talk, Mark, Sr. had Mary bailed only to have his driver Jimmy kill her, disguising her death as a suicide.

When Mark, Jr. discovered what his father had done, he agreed to wear a wire and obtain a confession from him. Mark, Sr., seemingly feeling genuine remorse and guilt over his actions, admitted his part in Mary's death and was arrested shortly afterwards.