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Mario Fuente


Drug Dealer
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Mario Fuente is a high-volume drug dealer, who only works his deals off-shore, on a large yacht anchored in international waters, his right-hand man, Reuben Reydolfo, coordinated who did and did not get to deal with or see Fuente. He had an employee, Jesus Maroto, who was arrested by Vice Detective James "Sonny" Crockett in 1984, and at the time of the arrest he took $3 million of Fuente's money and after Maroto killed himself, he made it look like Crockett had the money (hence his line to Crockett, "Payback!"). Fuente sent an unidentified woman out to find Crockett, leaving messages at Metro-Dade (which drew the suspicion of IAD), calling every Crockett in the phonebook, and finally connected the dots that Sonny Burnett (who was trying to get into the "weasel-dust industry") and Crockett were the same person (after ransacking Crockett's boat, because everyone at the marina knows him as Burnett) and blows his and Tubbs' cover when they visit Fuente's boat. Crockett and Tubbs were able to escape by using Fuente as a shield and got out of range, then made Fuente swim back to his boat.