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Mario Ernesto Sanchez
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Mario Ernesto Sanchez made his acting debut in the show Miami Vice as Jimmy, Mark Jorgenson, Sr.'s limo driver who takes Mary McDermott on her last ride in the episode "Little Prince", Diplomat Roberto Marquez, who parties with the Traynor organization, including Diane Gordon in the episode "Rites of Passage", Paco, limo driver of Don Gallego in the episode "Everybody's in Showbiz", Jorge, friend of Arturo Uribe in the episode "Borrasca", and Morales, who works for Sebastian Ross in the episode "Miami Squeeze".

He also appeared as El Tiburon in the Miami Vice film, making him one of three actors to appear in both the television series and the movie (the others being Jay Amor and Marc Macaulay).

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