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Maria Rojas


Sister of crime lord Sergio Clemente
In Witness Protection Program
Deceased, shot dead by one of Clemente's snipers
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Maria Clemente Rojas was the sister of crime lord Sergio Clemente and the widow of former Clemente man Tony Rojas. When Tony was killed by Clemente's men Maria testified against her brother, and was promptly put into the Witness Protection Program, given new life, identity, etc., and lived in seclusion until Clemente decided to talk, providing testimony/evidence in exchange for immunity, but only if he can see Maria again, because her brother used to watch her dance as a little girl and wants to see her dance again, and the feds send an overzealous agent, Joe Dalva, to arrange for the meeting. Metro-Dade police, especially Martin "Marty" Castillo are reluctant to give Maria up because that would taint the program, as well as risk Maria's life on a longshot, but Dalva uses his federal influence to force Maria out and to meet with her brother, but during the meeting Maria pulls out a knife and stabs her brother to death, saying "I had no choice, I knew he was going to kill me!" before a sniper in the wings does shoot Maria down.