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Maria Pendroza


Deceased, killed by one of her brothers in shootout with Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
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Maria Pendroza was the bride of Louis Pendroza, patriarch of the Pendroza Crime Family, with his son Ramon, his sister-in-law Lucia, and his nephew Carlos. The marriage was arranged from a man named Guerrero, done so Maria could get into the Pendroza family to exact revenge for her parents' gruesome death at the hands of the Pendrozas. Maria belongs to the Escorpionistas, a gang of assassins, and she has a scorpion tattoo on the base of her neck (hidden by her hair) to prove her membership. Maria sets about to turn the family against each other, manipulating Carlos Jr. so that he does not want to join the business, possibly killing Lucia (though never proven), and causing Carlos Jr. to kill his uncle Ramon, after which Maria killed Carlos Jr. Metro-Dade Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs has been undercover in the Pendroza family during this time, protecting Maria from the violence (and that she is the heir to the Pendroza empire), but has also fallen for Maria, she returns his feelings, make love and do not want to be separated. Tubbs discovers the Escorpionista tattoo under Maria's neck and is appalled he has been lied to. Maria's Escorpionista brothers move in because Metro-Dade has as well, demanding Maria kill Tubbs for being a policeman, during the entailing shootout a bullet from one of Maria's brothers kills her in Tubbs' arms.