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Margaret Avery


Miami Vice Character
January 20, 1944, Mangum, Oklahoma
Robert Gordon Hunt (1974-1980, divorced, one daughter)

Margaret Avery (born January 20, 1944, Mangum, Oklahoma) is an American actress who appeared as Sally Cordova, former girlfriend of Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and Esteban Calderone in the episode "The Afternoon Plane" of the series Miami Vice.


Avery began her career in the 1972 TV movie Something Evil, followed by roles in Marcus Welby, M.D., Sanford and Son, The Rookies (with Georg Stanford Brown), Harry O, the TV movies The Lathe of Heaven (with Kevin Conway) and For Us The Living: The Medgar Evers Story (with Laurence Fishburne), Spenser: For Hire (episode with David Strathairn and Larry Riley), Crime Story (with Dennis Farina, Bill Smitrovich, and John Santucci), Roc (with Charles S. Dutton), JAG (with David Andrews and Joe Morton), and her most recent role, in the series Being Mary Jane (with Lisa Vidal).

Her movie career began with a role in the blaxplotation film Cool Breeze (with Pam Grier), other roles included Magnum Force (with David Soul, it was Avery's character's death by drain cleaner that allegedly inspired the 1974 "Hi-Fi" murders), Which Way Is Up? (with Lonette McKee), The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (with Jack Kehoe), The Color Purple (her Oscar-nominated performance as "Shug Avery"), Meet the Browns, and her most recent film appearance, in 2018's Proud Mary (with Xander Berkeley).

Personal Life

Avery married Robert Gordon Hunt in 1974 until their 1980 divorce, they have a daughter, Aisha Hunt (born 1974).