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Caretaker, Art Gallery
Information Gatherer
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Margaret (born 1958) runs an art gallery in New York and is also an information gatherer for various businessmen, her latest was J.J. Johnston, a banker. During his visit to New York, James "Sonny" Crockett and Margaret cross paths in a bar, after which she plays hard to get, then her & Crockett share a cab and go to her art gallery for a night of passion. The next morning, Crockett awakens to sneering men moving pictures into her gallery and finds she took his gun, which he got back after finding her again. During this time Margaret develops true feelings for Crockett but continues on her information-gathering mission. Crockett later finds out the truth about Margaret when her number was found in Frank Sacco's address book after his death, and she tearfully refers Crockett to Johnston.