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Marc Macaulay


Miami Vice Characters
Czuko ("Bushido")
Hit Driver ("Streetwise")
Brookings ("Death and the Lady")
Doc Jerry ("Bad Timing")
Johnny Cottman ("World of Trouble")
Air Traffic Supervisor (Miami Vice movie)
October 13, 1957, Millinocket, Maine

Marc Macaulay (born October 13, 1957, Millinocket, Maine) is an American character actor who made his acting debut in the series Miami Vice as Czuko, one of Surf's KGB accomplices in the episode "Bushido", the hit driver who shot at James "Sonny" Crockett in the episode "Streetwise", Brookings in "Death and the Lady", Doc Jerry, who buried (and lost) money from the robbers Cruz and Wilson in the episode "Bad Timing", and Johnny Cottman, the gunman killed during the HAVOC robbery in the episode "World of Trouble".

He also appeared in as an unnamed air traffic supervisor in the Miami Vice film, making him one of three actors to appear in both the television series and the movie (the other two being Jay Amor and Mario Ernesto Sanchez).


Macaulay has appeared in over 100 different roles since his Vice debut. Below is a selected filmography: