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Manuel Borbon


Dictator of Costa Morada
Deceased, blown up in seaplane by James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
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General Manuel Borbon was the head of the military dictatorship of the caribbean nation of Costa Morada, known for killing thousands of political prisoners, and selling out to the Medellin drug cartel. In 1989 Borbon agreed to turn state's evidence on the Medellins in exchange for safe passage out of his country, now torn by civil war and a rebellion against his junta. Borbon does not like dissent--he killed his financial minister for suggesting he was taking money out of the country--and is not liked by another cartel head--Caesar Montoya--who does not want Borbon to leave, and attempts an attack to stop it. The men sent to get Borbon out--Metro-Dade Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs--manage to get Borbon to a waiting boat and choose to stash him in a safe house they know about rather than trust him to the government and its' representative, Colonel Andrew Baker. Montoya sends hit squads to Miami looking for Borbon, they nearly get him when the safe house location is compromised, but Borbon escapes. His daughter, Bianca, tries to keep her father from running but he manages to escape into the Miami underground. After Montoya is killed, Crockett and Tubbs find Borbon, but he is "shot" by Ramon, a minor dealer bought by the government, but the autopsy results were false, and his fiancee was found drunk, but revealed that Borbon knew dirt on a very high-ranking US government official, which was the reason for the whole mission. Crockett and Tubbs decide to bring Borbon back, they manage to find him, leaving in a seaplane, which Crockett and Tubbs promptly shoot down, killing the General and several government operatives.