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Miguel Aguila


Drug Dealer
Deceased, killed when gun went off during altercation with Georgie "Miracle Man" Esteban
Episode Appeared In
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Manuel Aguila was a sociopathic drug dealer who was so ruthless that he felt "gun control meant being able to hit your target." A womanizer, heavy drinker, and cocaine user himself, Aguila worked for drug lord Carlos Perena and killed Torres, a former employee who stole several kilos of cocaine from Perena. Aguila admits to enjoying his work as a killer for Perena and has a reputation for doing his jobs clean so the police "can't prove zip." Aguila would party late into the night at The Clevelander and other South Beach bars and clubs. Later, Aguila attempts to work out deals with undercover detectives Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and Stan Switek, but interference from "Miracle Man" gives Aguila an unwanted high profile in the media, depressing the price per kilo. TV journalist Eric Terry films an altercation between Miracle Man and Aguila for his show Society's Watchdog where Aguila promises that Miracle Man -- crazy old fool or not -- is "dead!" Under orders from Perena, Aguila tries to kill Miracle Man in a driveby shooting, but Miracle Man survives. Frustrated by Tubbs and Switek's refusal to deal with him due to this turn of events, Aguila agrees to introduce them to Perena. Under the influence of cocaine, a manic Miracle Man eventually calls Aguila for a meet at Chavez Park, daring him to come alone to face his fate. Aguila asks Miracle Man if he wants a piece of the action, but Miracle Man, emotionally disturbed, pleads that he wants justice, and then attempts to activate his "force field." Aguila, tired of the antics of the make-believe superhero, pulls a gun on Miracle Man, intending to finish him off once and for all. However, Miracle Man flies into a rage, attacking Aguila, both men falling to the ground in the struggle. The gun goes off and Aguila staggers to his feet. However, he collapses seconds later, killed by his own gun.