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Malcolm Grey


CIA Agent (formerly)
Owner, Phoenix SA Import/Export
Deceased, poisoned by Ma Sek in 1988
Episodes Appeared In
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Malcolm Grey was a former Central Intelligence Agency agent and the owner of Phoenix SA Import/Export in Miami as well as in Ecuador, which moves drugs as well as produce. Grey is also an acquaintance of Martin "Marty" Castillo, as both were formerly assigned to the "Golden Triangle" (Grey in the CIA, Castillo in the DEA). In 1988 Grey employed Ma Sek, husband of Castillo's ex-wife May Ying, to deliver a package (containing drugs) to the dealer Rivas, but Ma Sek stole the drugs and the money, sending Rivas after Ma Sek. Grey and his partner Perkins meet with Ma Sek at dinner to toast to a new partnership, but Ma Sek laced their wine glasses with poison beforehand, and both Perkins and Grey quickly succumb to the poison after drinking wine.