Madelyn Woods

Madelyn Woods
Congresswoman from Florida
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Congresswoman Madelyn Woods is a member of the Congressional Committee on Drug Prevention, funneling large amounts of taxpayer funds to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and by proxy, to local police agencies such as Metro-Dade. Woods' public stance is that of a strict anti-drug policy, but behind the scenes, some workers of her campaign, including Ricky DeMaria and her own son Lewis, were working for a drug trafficker named Sebastian Ross. While Police Commissioner Henry Williford is courting Woods for more funding, Martin "Marty" Castillo, commander of the Metro-Dade Organized Crime Bureau is working on a case involving Michael Santiago, another member of Woods' campaign that was killed in a gunfight, and has tied in her campaign to the killing. Castillo meets with Woods for her cooperation, but instead she used her position to at first threaten the funding if Castillo continues on his case, then after Ross stops by looking for his drug shipment that Lewis stole, sets up Castillo by first arranging a bogus drug deal, then getting on tape (using spliced sections of a meeting between the two and an unidentified voice making a drug deal) Castillo's "alleged involvement" and plans to turn the tape into Internal Affairs if Castillo doesn't back off. Castillo, having great respect for Woods and what she has done previously, asks her why she's setting him up and Woods' campaign manager, Dan Shaw, shoots Castillo, wounding him, and Detective James "Sonny" Crockett threatens to send everyone involved, including her, to jail and/or Death Row if Castillo dies. Woods agrees to cooperate by setting up her own "deal" with Ross, wearing a wire. When Edwina, Ross' pet English Bulldog, detects the wire, Ross is ready to kill Woods when the police arrive, arrest Ross, and kill his men.

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