MC's of Rap
Miami Vice Performer
Cool CP
Dandy D
DJ Cox

MC's of Rap were a rap trio whose song "Domination" was performed live in the episode "Like a Hurricane" of the series Miami Vice.


MC's of Rap were one of several rap groups emerging from the Miami Bass/Bass Music scene in the mid eighties with the assistance of Luke Skyywalker. The group's releases consisted of several 12" singles (including "Domination", "Young Girls", and "Boogie in Your Body") and albums (Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now and Got to Be Funky).

The simplistic yet very appealing scratches and sampling along with fresh rap style catapulted group to a guest appearance on the television series Miami Vice. The episode "Like a Hurricane" is featured in the fourth season as episode eight originally aired 11/20/1987.

The group disbanded in 1990.



Miami Vice, song "Domination," by the MC's of Rap

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