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Goddaughter of Valerie Gordon
Daughter of Yvonne
As of 1989, in CPS after killing her mother for selling sex with her for drugs
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Lynette is the daughter of Yvonne, a friend of NYPD Detective Valerie Gordon, who made Lynette Valerie's god-daughter. In 1989, Yvonne was severely addicted to crack cocaine and began dealing with Billy Swain, a local dealer, to obtain her fixes, but her money ran out and Swain refused to deal with her until her debt was paid, even roughing up her home and Yvonne, prompting a frightened Lynette to call Valerie for help, and her godmother arrived to get Yvonne to a drug rehab program, but wanted $300 from Valerie. Lynette protested, saying she would only give Swain the money, but Valerie did so anyway, and Yvonne did give the money to Swain to repay her debt and purchase more drugs, but Swain decided to keep the extra as a "late payment penalty" and the only way Yvonne would get any more drugs is if she allowed him to have sex with Lynette. An extremely desperate and addicted Yvonne agreed, and Swain raped Lynette, and she went to confront her mother for what she did, but Yvonne was so strung out Lynette (now feeling angry and violated) found a kitchen knife and stabbed her mother to death, and ran from the house screaming. Valerie found Lynette and devised a plan to frame Swain for Yvonne's murder (to protect Lynette from going to jail) by keeping Lynette from the police, but when Swain was arrested Lynette blew the lineup, and met up with her rapist at his home with wine, and Valerie's gun, intent on shooting him dead for what he did to her, but is talked out of it, and is sent into CPS awaiting foster care.