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Luther Johns


Member, Fellas Gang
Incarcerated, consipracy in drug distribution
Episode Appeared In
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Luther Johns is a student at Miami's Eastside High, as well as a member of the Fellas gang. When he needed money for a pair of football shoes, Archie Ellis approached Luther about making quick money, and Luther set Archie up to deliver a package (of drugs) to a man named "Tootie", but Ellis is busted by James "Sonny" Crockett, and Crockett works with Ellis to arrange for delivery of the package to Luther, claiming the Apostles gang tried to rip him off. But street-smart Luther sends Ellis behind the building with a man named Otis to inspect the package, during which Otis began shooting and was killed by Crockett. Luther is arrested after finding a recording with the voice of Curtis "Count" Walker on it, as well as his prints all over the package that Ellis tried to drop off, and two teenagers OD'd at his place. Luther denies everything, but is later booked after Walker is arrested for Ellis' murder and other charges.