Lupo Ramirez

Lupo Ramirez
Drug dealer
Deceased, shot by Gina Calabrese
Played By

Lupo Ramirez (1940-1984) was a major figure in the Miami underworld, running virtually all of the prostitution, drugs and illegal gambling in South Miami. His prostitution activities in particular came to the attention of the Organized Crime Bureau.

When Gina Calabrese went undercover in his orgnaization, Ramirez ended up forcing her to sleep with him to maintain her cover. He was later shot dead, by Gina, while resisting arrest.


Although Ramirez first came to the attention of OCB for his pimping activities, he was actually a major figure in the Miami criminal underworld, having almost total control over all of the prostitution, racketeering and drugs (run through dealer Sally Alvarado) in South Miami. When it came to the call girls he ran, he was especially ruthless, mutilating and killing any of his girls who attempted to break out and start their own service.

In 1984, Gina (as Paula) infiltrated Ramirez' organization, posing as a new girl from Chicago who had been forced to leave town to escape trouble with the law. Impressed with the money Gina was bringing in, Ramirez quickly promoted her to more exclusive clients, despite her repeated rebuttal of his own sexual advances. However, when Ramirez' lieutenant Cinco uncovered evidence of sophisticated electronic surveillance being used against them, Ramirez linked the sudden heat to Gina's arrival, suggesting that perhaps her leaving Chicago was less to do with escaping the police and more to do with the fact she had been an informant. Ramirez ordered Cinco to kill her, but not before he invited her to his house for a "party", in fact a ruse to get her there alone so that he could sleep with her; in order to protect her cover, Gina was forced to comply.

Cinco's hit was thwarted by Crockett and Tubbs, and Gina and Trudy later confronted Ramirez at his home. The crime boss refused to go quietly, and when he pulled a knife on Gina, she shot him dead.
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