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Ludovici Armstrong


Professional hitman
1950 (estimated based on his career beginning in 1974)-1984
Deceased, killed by Metro-Dade police after attempted hit on James "Sonny" Crockett
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Ludovici Armstrong (1950-1984) was a professional hitman with a long history of international, high-profile assassinations. In 1984 he was hired by Esteban Calderone to eliminate several figures in Miami to pave the way for Calderone's return to the city.

While Armstrong succeeding in eliminating seven of the eight targets on the list, he was killed in a shootout with Metro-Dade officers following a failed hit on James "Sonny" Crockett.


International hits

Armstrong had a long history as an international assassin-for-hire, taking many high-profile jobs for anyone willing to pay; as Lou Rodriguez put it, "He plays both sides. Any side." INTERPOL had files on Armstrong dating back as far as 1974, linking him to the murders of the Chilean ambassador to Mexico in 1974, a Turkish military attache in Rio de Janeiro in 1975, a cultural cultural attache in 1977 and a Sandinista spokeswoman in Central America in 1981. Despite the many assassinations linked to him, he remained an enigma -- INTERPOL did not even have a photograph on record, knowing only that he was originally from Argentina.

Calderone hit list

In 1984, Colombian drug lord Esteban Calderone planned to return to the Miami area after narrowly escaping arrest at the hands of Crockett and Tubbs. To pave the way for his return, he hired Armstrong to eliminate his competition, predominantly mid-level dealers such as Felix Castranova and Linus Oliver. Also on Calderone's hit list was the Miami cop who had so nearly brought him down the last time he had been in Miami -- James "Sonny" Crockett.

Once in Miami, Armstrong (along with his handler, Calderone lieutenant Carlos Mendez) immediately got to work dispatching his targets. Such was the efficiency of their operation, the authorities did not even realize there was a hitman loose in the city until, by chance, Tubbs and several uniformed officers caught up with Armstrong at a motel, forcing him to flee and leave his hit list behind. Despite the identities of his remaining targets -- including Crockett -- now being known to the police, Armstrong continued with his mission, next attempting to assassinate Crockett on the St. Vitus Dance, shooting from the nearby Miami Freedom Tower with a high-powered rifle. However, Armstrong missed when Rodriguez intervened at the last second -- taking the bullet meant for Crockett in the process.

Armstrong went on the eliminate the final name on his list, local dealer Linus Oliver, before returning his attention to Crockett, attempting to kill him at his wife Caroline's home. However, when Tubbs arrived with backup, Armstrong fled the scene, only to be met outside by a phalanx of Metro-Dade officers, who shot him down when he opened fire on them.

After death

Following Armstrong's death, Crockett assumed his identity and headed to The Bahamas with Tubbs, hoping to track down Calderone and finally bring him to justice.