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Love and Rockets
Miami Vice Performer
Daniel Ash (born 1957, guitar/vocals)
David "David J" Haskins (born 1957, bass/vocals)
Kevin Haskins (born 1960, drums)

Love and Rockets is an English alternative/goth rock band whose songs "Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man (in "God's Work") and "Ball of Confusion" (in "Love at First Sight") appeared in the series Miami Vice.


Love and Rockets were founded in 1985 by three former members of the English band Bauhaus; guitarist/vocalist David Ash, bassist/vocalist David J, and drummer Kevin Haskins. The name came from the comic book series Love and Rockets. Originally considered a goth rock band, Love and Rockets began moving to a more alternative sound with their debut album, Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (featuring "Ball of Confusion"), and their second release, Express (featuring "Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man") was the same. 1987's Earth, Sun, Moon was more of a folk sound, but their 1989 self-titled album went to a more AOR sound, which featured the single "So Alive", which reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, their highest charting single ever. The group embarked on a tour in support of their album, then released Hot Trip to Heaven in 1994 after taking some time off. Their record label changed from RCA to American Recordings for Heaven and their 1996 release Sweet F.A.. During the recording of F.A., a fire broke out in the recording studio, resulting in the band's gear being destroyed and their recordings for that album. A legal fight ensued which resulted in the band being innocent of the fire, but with large legal bills. In 1998 Love and Rockets released Lift on another label, but the group disbanded in 1999 and the members joined a reunited Bauhaus. The band has occasionally reformed starting in 2007 for one-off shows.