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Louis Pendroza


Patriarch of the Pendroza Crime Family
Deceased, killed by masked Escorpionista shooters after marrying Maria Pendroza
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Louis Pendroza was the patriarch of the Pendroza Crime Family, leading with his son Ramon, his sister-in-law Lucia, and his nephew Carlos. Pendroza married (via an arranged marriage from a man named Guerrero) Maria Pendroza, who was part of a family that was killed by the Pendrozas when she was younger, having to watch her parents die (in gruesome fashion), and got into the family for revenge. After their marriage, the motorcade was intercepted by an RV filled with Escorpionistas (the gang Maria belongs to) and the men killed most of Pendroza's security, then busted the window into his limo and shot Louis dead in Maria's arms.